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Why Quickbooks Online is the best accounting software

Do you run a small business and have been facing challenges managing your expenses or you simply can't afford an accounting professional? You barely know how much you've invested in your business, are unsure about how much returns you should expect, or if you are running at a loss or not... Then you need Quickbooks Online in your business life.

Quickbooks Online is an accounting software package that helps businesses of all sizes run their accounting activities such as accepting payments, accounts payable, accounts receivables, tax payments, payroll functions, and financial reporting. Quickbooks Online also works in conjunction with other applications such as Melio Payments, Divvy Expense management, and others to make the virtual accounting journey more efficient.

Features that make Quickbooks Online the best accounting software

1. Adaptability and Flexibility:

Quickbooks Online allows businesses to accomplish numerous administrative tasks such as creating invoices, bill payments, running financial reports, etc from a smartphone, MAC, or PC at any time. The software streamlines work and makes teamwork more efficient by allowing users to securely sync multiple files at the same time, and sync data from other apps like Melio Payments and QuickBooks Time. It works on any device so working from home or losing external storage is never an issue. The syncing data from apps feature helps save countless hours that would otherwise be spent manually entering this data or converting it into different file formats to save it. Totally a cloud based product and I absolutely love it!

2. Easily tracks revenue and expenses

Most businesses tend to include many expenses that they can not keep track of daily. These are expenses that might seem little but will pile up and soon lead to serious problems when balancing the account e.g. mileage and meals. With Quickbooks Online small business owners can keep track of their expenses, revenue, and payroll information of employees. You can also record your bill due dates, payment information for continuous bills, and print checks directly. It allows you to link your bank account safely without any risk so you can be sure that you are not behind on any payment as Quickbooks will let you know when any payment is due.

3. Generates financial reports with the click of a button

With Quickbooks Online your financial reports are only one click away. You don’t ever have to worry about not knowing where you stand financially because you can run a Profit & Loss Statement by month, quarter, year, or a custom time period to give you clarity about your numbers.

4. It is user-friendly

The software does not use any complex language and has a variety of tutorial videos to assist users. In fact, I have several QuickBooks Online Tutorials on my YouTube Channel that describe how to use the software, as well as tips and tricks... The simple language allows anyone to be able to use it and the detailed tutorial videos show how to use the software to perform the tasks correctly i.e. creating sales receipts. The videos are short and precise despite being as detailed as possible which also saves the time of having to read a manual and decode.

5. Eco-Friendly

You don’t have to worry about bulk paperwork lying around your working space, a disorganized desk, or having to sift through papers to keep records anymore. Quickbooks allows you to save the environment by doing everything you need to do right in the cloud!

6. Works in conjunction with other applications or software

Many accounting software offers this feature but only at a minimum. Most accounting software can be integrated with about 10 other applications. Quickbooks however can be integrated with over 600 other applications, such as Melio Payments and Divvy Expense Management.

7. Safe and secure

Are you worried about securing your data from anyone? Or even everyone? Quickbooks has a permission setting that allows only authorized individuals to view and access data. It can also be set to limit the amount of data accessible by each person depending on their level or status in the business.

8. Automatic sales tracking

You don't have to keep a mental log of everything you buy or sell as Quickbooks is already doing that for you. With a lead center, you can track sales and view expenses right within the Dashboard, saving you time and energy. The software allows you to send estimates, turn those estimates into invoices, set custom pricing, and receive payments as well.

9. Advance custom tools

If you have a need for advanced reporting, such as job costing or revenue tracking by department, QuickBooks has this covered. There are custom reporting options and tools available to ensure you get the data sliced and diced the way you want so that you can make informed decisions in real-time.

10. Increased user capacity and faster performance

For most accounting software the maximum number of users is 5. In its enterprise version, Quickbooks however allows 40 users! Unlike other software where you’d have to run them separately, multiple files can also be run at once with Quickbooks. These large company files are processed promptly without any glitches.

There is no questioning the superiority of Quickbooks Online to other accounting software at this point as it beats them all at every stop. It’s either Quickbooks Online or Quickbooks Online.

Try it out here ( for 30% off.

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