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Why Divvy Is The Best Management Expense Software

Why let your business suffer the brunt of bad credit card choices and poor accounting software when you can easily make Divvy your Expense management and credit card duo? Combine that with QuickBooks Online and you have a win-win situation. Let’s explore what Divvy is, the difference between Divvy and Expensify, and how the integration works with QuickBooks Online to make your Accounting magical.

What Is A Divvy Business Credit Card

The quick version…

A Divvy Business Card is:

  • An Expense Management Software

  • A credit card

  • An opportunity to build your business credit

  • A way to streamline your Accounting

Let’s dig a little deeper:

Things To Know About The Divvy Cards

Divvy cards are smart cards with a cloud-based platform that allows business owners and managers to monitor company spending in real-time via instant notifications for every card swipe. This is one major benefit of the Divvy card, as it eliminates excessive spending and curtails a lot of malapportioned finances that can either make or break the financial status of the business.

Divvy offers one spending limit for every cardholder within budget. Divvy business cards can be virtual, physical, or both. Furthermore, the platform is free, and the Fintech company earns its money by taking a cut of interchange fees paid by merchants to cover the cost of processing a Divvy card transaction.

Businesses can create recurring or one-time spending budgets organized by events, team, location, project, and vendor. One further… Divvy has the benefit of approving departmental and employee requests for reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses and mileage.

The burden that comes with the financial aspect of management such as monitoring a business's cash flow, working capital needs, and tracking employees' expenditures without having to rely on cumbersome spreadsheets is completely taken care of with Divvy cards. With Divvy cards, companies can tackle many of these burdensome aspects of financial management, with the availability of Quickbooks Online accounting software that allows both the accountant and clients to work hand-in-hand with each other so that month-end is quick, smooth, and completely audit ready (since you can save receipts right in Divvy and QuickBooks Online).

Divvy cards bring fraud and excessive spending to a minimum. The divvy virtual card has a unique 16-digit number which allows one to monitor the spending of each cardholder, and as well track individual cards, therefore fraudulent activities are curtailed and brought to a minimum.

Divvy business credit cards save time and money, and businesses must have savings to fall back on, particularly if it's a company with a promising financial ladder. This will be best achieved through a system that provides constant eyes on the financial status and records, which is why QuickBooks Online integration is such a win.

What’s QuickBooks?

Either you have been sleeping under a rock… or are just clueless, but QuickBooks Online is the top Accounting software in the world, designed with the needs of business Clients in mind. QuickBooks aids the fast completion and management of accounting for multiple companies in one place by creating invoices, payroll management, financial reporting, and custom tools. For companies who are experiencing financial setbacks due to poor financial management or poor financial decisions, rest assured that with this accounting software and a credible business expense management tool like Divvy, your company is set for a rebirth.

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