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Want to get entertained while learning about business and finance? You'll never go wrong with MJ! From tips, funny videos, and relatable life scenarios as a freelancer. She got it all for you

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Learn more about entrepreneurship, money mindset, and lots of business tips that will help you scale your business.


Keep updated on MJ's latest business tips and strategies. Learn from an expert who has a mission to raise up as many entrepreneurs as possible, while also coaching them on financial literacy.

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Get my latest thoughts, motivational quotes, TV show spoilers, and more by connecting on Twitter! 

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Did you know MJ began developing her business skills at the age of 8 years old? Get to know more of how she did it and why she is the best Virtual CFO for you!

I help entrepreneurs grow or start their businesses by providing them with tools & resources to be financially savvy & productive.


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Subscribe to my YouTube channel to learn about Business Finance, QuickBooks Tips, Business Credit, and step-by-step tutorials on growing and scaling your company!

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Follow me on Pinterest to get all the latest tips and tricks about Business Credit, Business Finance, Scaling & Growing Your Company! You can pin your favorites from me to your board and always go back for quick reference

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